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You've never looked more beautiful, darling.

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Everybody’s very different. Robert has that anarchic, uncontrollable energy that is very magnetic and very Tony Stark.

I wanted Mark Ruffalo to play Bruce Banner because he’s just an open book. He lets you into his heart and you understand everything he’s feeling. That’s who he is as a guy and how he performs. Chris Evans really locked in to the old-fashioned sort of aesthetic of a guy who’s from the ’40s. He has rectitude without being stiff.

Sam Jackson is Sam Jackson. He does that look and he only needs one eye to pin you to the wall. At the same time, he’s extremely sensitive and textured and that’s what I wanted to get from Nick Fury. I didn’t want him to be all bluster. We’ve seen that and I think there’s more there.

Chris Hemsworth is a god. This is a man who just makes other men stop going to the gym. It’s not fair. He’s very centered in the way he approaches a scene and the way he is in life.

Jeremy Renner has been a wildcard and keeps to himself, but that makes sense because he’s playing a sniper. He shoots a bow and arrow and keeps his distance. He’s fully engaged, but he’s in his own place.

Scarlett isn’t like her character at all, because she’s so funny and delightful. She’s always in a good mood and is just a riot. Black Widow has a darker incarnation in this film than she did in ‘Iron Man 2’ and Scarlett is very precise when she acts. We hint a little bit at her back-story and it isn’t pretty.

Writer/Director Joss Whedon on the cast of The Avengers (2012)


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