You've never looked more beautiful, darling.

   Submit   Ask | E-mail | My GIFs :D Nick. 21. Bubbly and friendly but also kind of a snarky dick because I find exaggeration to be as hilarious as it is uncomfortable. Movie and television nerd. I want to make those things someday, especially television. Comedy nerd too. So you get to deal with that. Also, Muppets :D. I have a tendency to ramble. Like, a lot. Heck, I used to ramble so much that this intro alone went on for like 3 or 4 paragraphs. I'm not even kidding, ask anyone. It was like 4 paragraphs of goofy nonsense. It's kind of difficult for me to delete all of it, because it's been a part of my blog for years. Man, I've been on Tumblr for like, at least 3 years. That's crazy. And I'm rambling again. Anyways, say hi sometime. I'm quite lonely fond of meeting new people and am always keen on a friendly hello!

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